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  1. Alain
    January 31, 2018 @ 4:30 am

    An object is an idea in a form. (Tables, I phones, roads, cars, etc.) the name given expresses in the most simplest way the relation this idea has with this form. This name, this idea, this form and this purpose or function.

    An idea is the opportunity to see a landscape unfold. (psychoanalysis, The USA, etc.) Ideas are generative, they generate the unfolding of landscapes. And they can be in many cases what I call more or less functional illusions which may have more or less value and validity in relation to ever changing contexts. A map for example is not the territory, it is a more or less functional illusions, and so is Canada, The USA. To think within a framework (American framework as example), is to inhabit this framework, to look from it, and to look at the ‘corresponding’ landscape or dream unfold.

    An idea as verb, gather what you look from to what you look at and vice versa, being verbs and processes. (beliefs systems, perspectives, narratives, weltanschauung)

    An Idea is a way of seeing, way as in sets of directives and instructions like our GPS. A what, where and how to look. (theories, hypothesis) looking for to look from and looking for to look at, it is intent, the intent to look from a specific lens in order to be able to look at a ‘clear and distinct’ particularity.

    The core of any object is the idea in potential. That core being extended consciousness. A road is inert meaningless black tar (matter) with a purpose; driving our car on it. Almost all in our Megalopolis is of this extended consciousness; inert matter with purpose. And it is all about us and of us. Cities are worlds made up of words ideas, and so is Canada, the USA, etc. More or less functional illusions.

    The centrality or core of just about anything has to do with us. An apple is not an apple, that is why we name it an apple. Stone, no dog, dog no stone (in reference to a statue of a dog made up of stone).

    The what it is, is this extended consciousness ‘part’, there is no what it is, without this extended consciousness. What it is ask for something, and that something is a specificity. To specifically specifies a specificity (specific patterns of colors as example) is what we mean by naming and is what we mean by things or objects. There are no objects or things, those are generics and generative; extended consciousness. The question whether there is such a thing as a thing in itself, or a core to a thing collapses entirely.

    Ideas therefore are the eyes of unity, as they gather what we look from to what we look at and vice versa.


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